I stumbled upon a tumblr today that helps writers accurately represent characters with racial / nationalistic / religious / sexual orientation (and so on) differences than their own.

The site allows you to submit your own experiences and/or get into contact with others that have in order to enhance the depiction of characters in your creative writing.

What a great idea!

Diversity Cross Check

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I saw this post by bi-privilege and I whole-heartedly agree with the notion that this is a preferable term or at least a good alternative to the LGTBQIAP+ acronym.

No more people complaining about “how many letters are we gonna add”, no more groups getting forgotten because someone is too lazy to type out the entire acronym, and to me it has a more inclusive and equal feeling for all included groups.

Plus, as punkrockluna pointed out, MOGAI could also be used as an adjective replacing the word “queer”. Queer is being used by a lot of people within the community but we should not forget that it is also a slur and not everyone is comfortable with being labeled or even labeling themselves as such.

I would absolutely love it if we could make this a thing. 

(I really really hope I didn’t forget anyone in the little description, please tell me if I have)

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Hello, writerly friends~ ♥︎

It’s finally here! I’ve finally gotten around turning my old planning guide into a video series— and just in time for NaNoWriMo!

Over the course of a couple of years of running this blog I’ve gotten tons of writing questions, and without a doubt the #1 question I’ve gotten is: "Max, how do *you* plan a novel?" Well, click on the video above to find out how I go about brainstorming, fleshing out, and plotting a book! :D

This planning guide is broken into two parts. The video above should be annotated to take you to the second part, otherwise feel free to click on this link!

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[Images: Two pictures one with a purple background and a white heart with text on the top and bottom which reads “Asexuals matter. you are not broken. you are not inhuman.”

The other has a green background and a yellow heart and in similar text reads “Aromantics matter. you are not broken. you are not inhuman.”]


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→ Theme #03: Trash ←

this is kind of like an edit of the last theme i posted sooo yea, it has more features and a nice cute lil header (~:

the features are:

  • Optional background image
  • Optional link pictures (if you are having trouble finding pixels & those things for the links, this is a very nice blog with many many pixels you can use!!!)
  • Optional visible captions & notes
  • Optional posts background colour
  • Choose between 3 different fonts
  • Choose between 3 different types of border for your posts & sidebar
  • Endless scroll or pagination

sorry if i forgot to list other features 

if you have questions or whatever feel free to message me

preview 1 ;; preview 2 ;; preview 3 ;; preview 4 ;; preview 5 ;; preview 6 ;; pastebin (code)

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where’s that post that teaches you how to write a resume when you have zero experience or useful skills

Here are some super helpful resume tips! You probably have more useful skills than you think! Just the fact that you’re running a blog shows you have some technology skills. If those links don’t help you could submit to ask a manager. I swear her advice is how I got the job I have now. Good luck!!!

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floating buttons theme - v1.1

this is my second theme ever and i don’t know if this one is too weird or whatever but here it is

static preview 1 | code
static preview 2 | code


  • 250/400/500px
  • optional round corners
  • optional borders
  • circle or square buttons
  • all the buttons expand individually when you hover which i think is pretty cool
  • 128px wide sidebar image, doesn’t have to be 1:1 this time
  • side images, i’m just not good at picking them out for previews sorry
  • infinite scroll or pagination
  • show/hide captions, tags
  • 4 custom links but you can add more
  • lots of color options
  • three background settings to easily switch between tiled backgrounds, max backgrounds, and a stretch option for things like gradients
  • a couple advanced options that you might not even need to change like sidebar margins and button opacity

so yEAH actually i still feel new to this so please let me know if something is wrong and i can try to fix it

sidebar img sources 1 | 2

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How To Actually Sit Down And Write


A guide for people with no discipline, difficulties motivating themselves and a tendency to procrastinate, but with ambitious writing projects.

In other words: People like me.

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new theme *u* finally *u*

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t h e m e: ᴀsᴛᴇʀɪᴄᴋ
↳ Preview ▪ Code (Wait for 5 seconds and click ‘Skip Ad’)
  • A contained theme.
  • 3 custom links; title appears when you hover over the numbers.
  • 330px posts only.
  • Option for show captions.
  • Option for infinite scrolling.
  • Option for monochrome posts.
  • Option for page border.
  • Option for avatar.
  • Keep the title and subtitle as short as shown in preview.

Please reblog/like if using

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